That Good JuJu Sage Smudge Stick (Small)

  • £5.55

Cleanse any space from negative, heavy energy with our premium grade
Sage smudge stick.
How to use:
Smudging, as with any other spiritual practice, is ultimately a personal thing. However there are some tips we think will assist in your smudging ritual.
1. Have a fireproof dish to rest your lit smudge stick on. A fireproof glass dish or Abalone shell is the best kind of material to use.
2. Open all windows in the house/ room, to allow the smoke to carry anything that doesn't need to be inside, out of the space.
3. This tip is more personal. Say positive affirmations/ prayers/ chants or whatever you feel comfortable with out loud. Think positive thoughts and imagine that the space you are smudging, is being filled with those positive things.
**Please make sure your smudge stick is completely extinguished after use, and keep away from babies, small children and animals at all times**


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