Cowrie Shells: The Different Use and Meanings For Them

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We use Cowrie Shells in our handmade jewellery because they can be sourced naturally and have a beautiful contrast with copper wire.
There is also a more spiritual and significant reason for using Cowrie Shells too, something primordial and rooted in our DNA, that is hard to put into words.
Cowrie shells have been used for many purposes by different indigenous groups throughout centuries.
The most common use has been as currency, and due to this, Cowrey Shells are associated with prosperity, wealth and fortune.
Because Cowrey Shells come from the sea, many African Traditional Religions associate them with Goddesses that rule over the seas and waters, such as Oshun and Mami Wata.
 Oshun                                         Mami Wata
According to African Traditional Religious legends, if you are attracted to Cowrie Shells, you could be family to an ocean spirit of wealth and prosperity.
Because of the connections to water Goddesses, Cowrie Shells also represent fertility, childbirth and feminine energy.

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